Get YOUR share of MLS traffic on YOUR website!

All properties available in Toronto Real Estate Board's MLS system are listed on their website, that over the years has become one of the most popular real estate websites in Canada. When you list your properties on MLS it will be accessible on this website and most probably capture a lot of traffic from visitors.

Would't it be great if you could benefit from the traffic that your properties attract, on your website rather than This is easily achievable on your REMARKETER Website...

Once your new property is listed on MLS, it will also be updated on your website (you can also manually add your listing to your Listing Manager). Once you listing is added to your website, a dynamic link ( will be accessible on your website that displays the details of your listing, all pictures, local amenities map, Walk Score (optional), your contact form, a mortgage calculator and other similar properties that may be available. All you have to do is to simply enter your listing's dynamic URL (link mentioned above) in the "external link" field of your property's settings on MLS.

Now, every time someone comes across one of your listings on and clicks on it for more details, they will be forwarded to the detail page of the listing on YOUR website, where they will be exposed to your branding, your other listings and your special services.