Anyone has access to MLS, it's how you use it that sets you apart from everyone else!

As a real estate agent, your most important skill and service is how well you find those properties that perfectly fit your clients' needs. Just look into most client testimonials and you'll find the same thing repeating over and over: "Our agent found the perfect property for us."

Finding the perfect property is the primary bases of most real estate marketing approaches, and in fact that's why your clients choose you in the first place; their trust that you have what they're looking for. However the biggest loophole in many real estate marketing schemes is that usually a group or type of properties that would fit a certain clientele are advertised, but when interested users come to the advertiser's website for more information, they land on a general home page that does not specifically provide more information about the properties that had originally been advertised!

This is where our state-of-the-art Dynamic Landing Page for listings can help you show your website visitors that they've come to the right place. By simply tagging the listings on Listing Manager, you can instantly create categories of listings that will be dynamically available on a unique URL ( that you can set as a landing page for visitors that would be interested in respective categories of your listings.

Let's see a few practical examples for different occasions that this unique feature can help you greatly increase your marketing effectiveness:

Imagine that you have distributed hundreds of flyers in your target area, with a list of the latest properties listed in that area, and you want interested people to be able to come to a page on your website that specifically shows the listings available on that flyer...

All you need to do is to go to Listing Manager in your REMARKETER dashboard and tag the listings that you have featured on your flyers (e.g. "flyer"). A dynamic URL will now be accessible on your website ( that will include just the properties that are advertised on your flyer.

Note: don't forget to clearly mention this URL on your flyer for more information on the properties. This way, interested prospects will get what they want on your website immediately increasing their chance of converting to a lead.

On a different occasion, let's say that you'd like to feature Power of Sale Properties and Income Properties by handpicking properties from MLS and advertising for them separately on Google Adwords and Facebook...

First, select the properties that you'd like to feature and add them to your Listing Manager. Then select the ones for Power of Sale and tag them (e.g. "pos"). Do the same for Income Properties (e.g. "income"). Now you have two dynamic URLs pointing to landing pages corresponding to each one of the property categories (tags): that's a page that shows only the Power of Sale properties and that's a page that shows only the Income Properties.

Note: Make sure that each advertising campaign is pointing to one of these Landing Pages. This way if someone has come across your advert, looking for Power of Sale or Investment Properties, will directly land on a landing page including properties that mach their need perfectly. Rest assured that the ROI of your Google Adwords or Facebook advertising is now much higher than if you'd pointed your adverts to a general home page that does not specifically address the advertised subject.

You can also suggest listings to your clients under their own unique Dynamic URL that you can update frequently and that they can share with their families and friends...

All you need to do is to add the MLS number of listings that you'd like to suggest to your clients to your listing manager, and tag them (e.g. "john-doe"). Your client, John Doe, can now easily browse to and see the latest listings that you have selected for him, review the details and share his comments with you. He can even share this with friends and family too.

Selecting the right properties before booking for showings has never been so convenient!