Have you ever asked yourself what "Self Branding" means for a Real Estate Agent?

In general, branding has its roots in communicating the essence of a product or service to the clients, and is far more complex than having a name under a smiling picture, on a fridge magnet or a fancy business card.

It is very important to realize that your real estate product is highly emotional. When you are selling and buying homes, you are selling past memories and buying future dreams!

To build your own brand within your sales and marketing processes, you have to step out from behind the corporate brand and connect to the hearts and minds of your clients. Provide them with emotional benefits by appealing to their sense of recognition or belonging. Tap into emotions such as joy or even fear. Give them the facts, and show them how you are the pro that they need, but always address their feelings when creating marketing content. Remember that clients always vote with their hearts.

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