Are you still wearing acid washed jeans and shoulder pads? Of course not. You never ignore personal style, and for the same reasons you should never ignore the look of your email marketing campaigns when you are announcing that newly listed property, or the date of that upcoming open house event.

While email marketing may not have generated the same kind of buzz as some of the other online marketing tools in the past decade, its technology has come a long way to make it an evermore capable and effective marketing channel.

Today, almost every email client (software used to read emails) is conveniently capable of processing advanced HTML codes embedded to create an interactive and professional-looking interface within the email body. Gone are the days when colored fonts and a logo or picture in the signature of your emails would generate interest. It's now time to step up and use modern online marketing tools to hype up your email designs and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Doing so, make sure that you closely tie your emails to relevant landing pages on your website or blog, and always remember that most of your clients will be viewing your emails on their cell phones, so keep small screens in mind when designing your HTML emails.

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