It's true that search engines act as the yellow pages of the digital world, and that a healthy ranking in search results increases ROI. However, search engines, such as Google, are constantly changing the way they crawl, index and rank websites. Depending solely on search engine results for your website traffic puts you at risk of constant ups and downs.
Content marketing, as a matter of fact, is nothing new. Historically, it has been defined around the race of gathering more links and reporting higher search result rankings. However, modern approaches have considerably changed that conversation and emphasize more on how real, sustainable value comes from the visitors, and not only the search engine spiders. Today, content marketing is more about bringing the "right" people to your site, and utilizing communication mechanisms (read social media) to "engage" with them. The simple fact is that there are more ways than just Google to do this.

Focus on building a business and developing a unique value proposition with relevant content to acquire genuine site traffic, and rest assured that search engines will do their part properly.

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