Okay, so you have invested in creating a website. But that is only step one! Now you have to attract visitors to your new website. Of course there are obvious ways to do this, such as, highlighting the URL on your business card, or buying banner ads that link to your site. However, there are other indirect ways to drive traffic to your website. One very effective way is to draw visitors in from other sites. You can leave comments on high-traffic forums or blogs and simply include a link back to your website. You can also create presentations, videos and even podcasts and link them in directories and sites specific to that content. Try using YouTube for your videos, iTunes for podcasts or SlideShare for sharing your presentations, and see how more visitors will gradually be drawn to your website. After all, these sites, and many more, belong to companies that spend millions to generate such high traffic, and by creating and sharing content that is relevant to their media, you can also join the party.

Let us know: How do you attract visitors to your website?