A good property is one that's not only great on the inside, but is also located in a good neighbourhood, with close proximity to local amenities and public transportation.

When your clients want to decide whether they'd consider a property as their possible future home or not, they carefully analyze all the pictures and features of the home that are available through MLS. However, it is equally important for them to know what local amenities and public transportation are available in their future home's neighbourhood, and how close they are.

That's why we've included two great features on every property detail page, to help your clients decide better: A Google map clearly showing all local amenities in the neighbourhood and integrated Walk Score calculator (optional).

Note: Walk Score indicates the walkability score of the property determined by the number of amenities and public transportation options available within it's walking distance. It is quickly becoming an industry standard in North America and is a great tool for quick assessment of accessible amenities in neighbourhoods.