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Listing Management*

All Realtors have access to MLS®... It's how you use it that makes all the difference!

  • Auto listing update

  • Add Exclusive Listings

  • Add Pre-Construction Projects and get a dedicated landing page with subscription

  • Share your listings on your favorite social media platform

  • Generate / Print / Mass Email Listings' Feature Sheet

Listing Management

Contact Management

Organize your contacts into meaningful groups to manage communications more effectively.

  • Track Client Engagement

  • Tag management to classify your contacts form efficiently

  • Automatically import new contacts from your website

  • Add communication logs and notes

  • compatible with Google Account

Content Management

Content is the King of Inbound Marketing!

  • Free Monthly Newsletter & Weekly Real Estate News Feed

  • Add custom blog post and news

  • Easily share on your favorite social media platform and your website

  • Send a mass email to your contact list

Real Estate Newsletter

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the trickiest online marketing channels to manage. Having all shared posts link back to your website is critical!

  • Conveniently share newly listed property, interesting real estate market news or your latest blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at a click of a button

  • All your posts are linked back to your website

Email Marketing*

The most convenient method of communication with clients and prospects.

  • One-click HTML emails from multiple modules

  • With a click of a button, you can email a property Feature Sheet, your recent available (or sold) Listings Catalogue, Open House announcements, a news article/blog post and even birthday and Holiday wishes!

  • Various beautifully designed Greeting cards for every national or cultural occasion.

  • Send branded e-Greeting Cards on every occasions and celebration instantly

Real Estate Market Reports*

You Know Your Market When You Know Your Market Stats.

  • Latest Real Estate Market Trends and Analysis

  • City/Type Market Reports

  • Community/Type Market Reports

  • Printable Customized Reports

Real Estate Market Reports

Monitoring & Analysis

You can't manage it, if you don't measure it.

  • Detailed Traffic Analysis of all your Online Marketing channels

  • Organic Search and Social Media performance

  • Lead Generation statistics and your Email Marketing outcome.

  • Properties and neighbourhoods visitors analysis

Event Calendar & Daily Reminders

Organize Your Business Tasks and Schedule Events.

  • Daily reminders for important events such as Birthdays and Closings

  • Compatible with Google Account

Event Calendar

Accounting & Transactions

Track Your Expenses and Earnings in Details.

  • Conveniently record, in detail, how much you spend on marketing material, open houses, staging, brokerage fees, driving your clients to showings... as well as how much you earn from every property you sell, buy or lease for your clients.

  • Clients and Property Income/Expense Statement

  • Easily Generate Your Balance Sheet

Financial Analysis

Understand Your Financial Efficiency. Measuring Business ROI in Real Estate is Hard.

  • Keep track of when and where you are making your commissions from

  • Conveniently measure your income vs. your spends in real-time, while comparing your financial performance to previous achievements and future goals

Lead Nurturing

Build trust by automatically providing the right type of information to your leads.

  • State-of-the-art Lead Nurturing workflows, that will smartly and automatically keep individual communication channels open over a long period of time

  • Conveniently track the engagement of your "hot" leads, for a much more effective approach

  • Dynamic Lead Scoring System and Social Media profiler to make the qualification, even smoother

  • Manage automated Just Listed, Just Sold, Market Snapshot, and daily reports by easily setting property search criteria for each of your leads/prospects

Instant CMA*

Comparative Market Analysis is one of your most effective tools.

  • Generate Comparative Market Analysis in seconds by entering MLS number or the property address

  • Transaction History of the property, Comparable Solds, Comparable available properties, Same Street Transactions and school ranking

  • Generate a branded PDF CMA Report with one click

Task Manager

Never forget what’s needed to be done for your clients!

  • Create Task Lists for every process and assign them to your clients

  • Multiple pre-defined task lists

  • Set reminder for your tasks

Task Manager

Open House Manager

No more paper open house registration forms that end up in your drawer.

  • Open house registration forms

  • Touchless QRC generator for the open house registration

  • Virtual Open house landing pages with registration, details, brochures and feature sheets

  • Nurture open house leads to maximize the potential to generate business whether they are buyers visiting your open house, potential sellers from the area or even curious neighbours

Posters & Brochures*

Social Media is the trickiest online marketing channels to manage. Having all shared posts link back to your website is critical!

  • Easily generate branded print-ready brochures for your listings

  • Various branded listing templates for social media and Instagram

Voice & SMS

Send text messages, make and record calls right from within your CRM.

  • Use the integrated dialler to call your clients and prospects straight from your Contact Manager
  • Calls are automatically recorded for future reference
  • Send text messages to your clients and prospects and share important information faster and better
voice & sms

Chat GPT

Turbocharge your marketing with the incredible power of ChatGPT!

  • ContentGPT generates real estate news and posts every day, ready to be shared on your website, by email or on social media
  • Market reports written for you by ChatGPT and ready to be shared with your client
  • ChatGPT Writing Wizard, comes to your help when you want to write for creative and engaging marketing campaigns
AI & Chat GPT

Some features are subject to the type of data included in your Real Estate Board Data Feed.
*Some features are only available to real estate professionals who have a valid executed VOW Data Feed Agreement.

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