Manage your online marketing & daily business tasks under one, easy-to-use management console that's specifically designed for Realtors®!

Integrated Website, CRM and Business Tools

  • Not just a website or just a CRM. REMARKETER covers everything from a full-fledge real estate website, CRM and unlimited email marketing, to Realtor accounting, open house management, automated home valuation and instant CMA generator!

  • Not just an empty platform! REMARKETER already includes all the content you will need. From weekly updated local real estate news and monthly newsletters, to MLS data and detailed market statistics. Simply select, compile and share.


REMARKETER puts every real estate tool and content, under one umbrella, so you don't have to compromise on the efficiency of your business, and spend hundreds of dollars on all those incompatible tools from multiple vendors.


All Realtors have access to MLS®... It's how you use it that makes all the difference!


Your Contacts are the focus of your marketing efforts!

Content Management

Content is the King of Inbound Marketing!

Social Media

Social Media is the trickiest online marketing channels to manage.


The most convenient method of communication with clients and prospects.

Market Reports

You Know Your Market When You Know Your Market Stats.

Monitoring &

You can't manage it, if you don't measure it.

Event Calendar
& Reminders

Organize Your Business Tasks and Schedule Events.

& Transactions

Track Your Expenses and Earnings in Details.


Understand Your Financial Efficiency. Measuring Business ROI in Real Estate is Hard.


Build trust by automatically providing the right type of information to your leads.


Comparative Market Analysis is one of your most effective tools.


Never forget what’s needed to be done for your clients!

Open House

No more paper open house registration forms that end up in your drawer.

Posters &

Easily generate branded print-ready brochures for your listings.

Some features are only available to real estate professionals who have a valid executed VOW Data Feed Agreement.

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Professional Real Estate Website

A Beautiful, User-Friendly, Modern, Mobile Responsive, Customizable Real Estate Website will ensure REMARKETER members have what it takes to succeed online.

Transactions History

15 Years of Sold History

Website visitors can see sold history of listings, browse through similar sold properties and generate an automated CMA!

Some features are only available to real estate professionals who have a valid executed VOW Data Feed Agreement.

Online Home Evaluation

AI Powered Home Price Estimate

Website visitors can receive an instantly generated valuation for their home using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Some features are only available to real estate professionals who have a valid executed VOW Data Feed Agreement.



Optimized and holistic solutions for individual Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Teams, Small and Large Brokerages.


With REMARKETER you can do a lot more, much faster, so you can focus on being a Realtor®.

  • Manage your website, all your marketing channels and utilize lead nurturing and many business and analytical tools, all from one powerful console.

  • Benefit from content that's already embedded in the system. Simply choose, compile and share... in minutes.

Real Estate Teams

Elevate your team's capacity with REMARKETER's power of integrated marketing.

  • Manage your team's marketing and client communication with consistency across channels, and equip your team with the right tools.

  • Automate lead nurturing with the ability to assign leads to your team members and delegate followups and reporting tasks.


REMARKETER is the only brokerage solution that leverages the collective marketing power of a real estate brokerage.

  • Utilize state of the art tools on your brokerage website to effectively support all three brokerage audiences: your clients (sellers and buyers), your prospects (searchers and leads) and your agents.

  • Give your agents a full-fledge, custom-domain website, CRM and business tools that are completely autonomous and managed by the agents, while integrated and enriched with the brokerage content and exposure.

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The magic potion of REMARKETER is its unique ability to integrate and streamline all your marketing and business management tasks. You don't have to spend valuable time and money hopping from one platform to another from multiple vendors any more... instead, you can focus on your clients.

Training & Support

Every week, twice a week, you can join us online for a short webinar outlining features and use-cases of REMARKETER modules.
You can also email or chat with our live agents when you need help.

On The Go!

A Realtor’s business is on the go. With REMARKETER™ App you can have the most essential REMARKETER™ tools with you, whenever you need them, wherever you need them.


You can upgrade or downgrade with just one click.

Web Master

  • Real Estate Website
  • Listing Manager
  • CRM
  • Weekly News
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Listing Courier
  • Greeting Cards
  • Internal Messaging
  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Property Insight
  • Property Visitors Insight

Business Master

  • All Web Master Features
  • Event Calendar
  • Realtor® Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Event Reminder
  • Transaction Manager
  • Email Automation
  • Task Manager
  • Instant CMA
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Mini Sold Stats

Lead Master

  • All Business Master Features
  • Lead Nurturing Automation
  • Automated Listing Alerts
  • Automated Seller/Buyer Tips
  • Automated Market Updates
  • Lead Activity Monitoring
  • Lead Profiling
  • Lead Action Log
  • Follow Up Reminders
  • Sold Listings
  • Sold Search On Website


Contact Us
  • All Lead Master Features
  • Custom Brokerage Website
  • Agent Roster
  • Round Robin Leads
  • Lead Assignment
  • Dedicated Brokerage Hub
  • Brokerage Calendars
  • Exclusive Newsletters
  • Agents Profile Page
  • Agent Website
  • Agent Business Suite

*Plus $399 Setup & Personalization fee.

**Some features are only available to real estate professionals who have a valid executed VOW Data Feed Agreement. As an Affiliated VOW Partner (AVP) and to comply with the designated VOW Data Feed Agreement and MLS® Rules and Policies, access to the VOW Data Feed without an approved Data Feed Agreement is prohibited. You must maintain an active validly authorized VOW Data Feed Agreement to have access to the REMARKETER at all times.

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