Remember the time when marketing was so simple? You simply said your service was amazing, and if you said it loud enough, customers would believe it. Then all you had to do was to repeat the message over and over and they’d buy, over and over.

But things have changed, and consumers have become ever more skeptical of this type of Hyper Marketing and Self Promotion. In fact, the greater your deal, the more likely they are to be suspicious. This has finally led Hyper Marketing to its death, and given birth to a whole new age of marketing. The new marketing method, Relationship Marketing, overcomes the barriers of skepticism by addressing the new customer needs:

  1. One to one: Customers have individual reasons to believe your message, and expect to be addressed individually, before they buy.
  2. Long term: Customers need to repeatedly hear your message, over an extended period of time. They need to know that you have been, and will be around for them.
  3. Trust: Customers need to validate your message through multiple sources (3rd party references).
  4. Visible: Customers must have ways to preview your services, and reduce the risk of their investment.

Let us know: How do you define Relationship Marketing?